A Tribute to Augusto Graziani

Tribute appeared in Heterodox Economics Newsletteron January 2014 It is difficult to write a “tribute” to Augusto Graziani, remembering his warning that writing the obituary of a University professor gives the person writing it a great opportunity to self-promote.This tribute is intended solely to provide scholars who are not familiar

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Augusto Graziani: an ‘untimely’ economist

Augusto Graziani: an ‘untimely’ economist Riccardo Bellofiore Augusto Graziani (1933-2014) was one of the last representatives of an original post-WWII Italian tradition, capable of novel and critical contributions, opposed to traditional approaches fostering conformism. Graziani was President of the Italian Economic Association (1998-2001) and Senator of the Italian Republic (1992-1994,

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